What a Waste

Below is a selection of our most recent reports on Wasteful Spending.


Naptime at NASA

One of the more absurd examples of government overspending comes to us from the folks at NASA. One recent project has garnered enough approval to… READ MORE


Let me Google that for you

Let me google that for you! The Department of Commerce’s National Technical Information Service (NTIS), is a government agency which compiles and stores government reports… READ MORE


Beachfront Boondoogle

Beachfront Boondoggle Have you ever wanted a beachfront home but couldn’t afford it? Finally, the Federal Government has created the perfect program to solve your… READ MORE


Kiss your money goodbye

​$914,000 of your tax dollars are going to the serious study of romance novels. READ MORE


Uncle Sam Vodka?

​A vodka company in New York expanded their liquor making capacity with a Rural Business Enterprise grant from the United States Department of Agriculture. Cheers… READ MORE


Hey IRS…you’re fired!

​The IRS spent $10,000 on a training video that spoofs Donald Trump and The Apprentice. Previous expensive training videos included Star Trek and Gilligan’s Island… READ MORE


Oh SNAP! $38M Food Stamp Mistake

​Minnesota gave out $38 million in misdirected food stamp payments last year…and got a $1.2 million government bonus for it. READ MORE


$21.6 million to maintain trashed Katrina houses

​As recently as October 2012, a federally funded program to help facilitate the sale of nearly 9,000 homes abandoned after Hurricane Katrina was still holding… READ MORE


Graveyard tours and spooky music—so wasteful it’s scary!

A museum in Ohio is receiving federal funds to study Edgar Allen Poe with graveyard tours and spooky concerts. READ MORE


Millions for ferry boat with no passengers

​Over $9 million in federal money was earmarked to a failing for-profit ferry verging on bankruptcy, which very few people benefitted from and a small… READ MORE


Booze, smokes and guns bought with food stamps

​Undercover reporters “witnessed customers leaving with beer, diapers and condoms” paid for with SNAP Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards at a Food Land store in… READ MORE


Steamed over $5.2 million for steamboat museum

​Louisiana received a $5.2 million federal transportation grant to construct the Steamboat Overlook Interpretive Center. The facility will contain interpretive exhibits depicting the history and culture… READ MORE


Stealing from Uncle Sam

Up to $240 billion a year is stolen from federal healthcare programs. READ MORE


$1 Million Bus Stop

Paid for with Federal money it doesn’t keep out rain, wind or snow but it costs & looks like a million bucks. READ MORE


Hot Stuff

Wonder if it’s too hot to work outside? Use the OSHA “Heat Index App”. Free on iTunes, it cost taxpayers $643,997. Or step outside. READ MORE


Clang, clang, clang

​The government gave $35 million to St. Louis to construct an old-fashioned style-trolley that only goes 2 miles. READ MORE

full mail inbox

IRS mail fraud

​The IRS sent 655 tax refunds to a single address in Lithuania and 343 to one address in China in an identity theft scheme. READ MORE


Tennis anyone?

​Taxpayers spend $618,000 to support a professional tennis tournament in New Haven, Connecticut. READ MORE


Wastewatchers Wasted

88% of the recommendations issued by GAO since 2011 to eliminate government waste have not been fully carried out. READ MORE


A deluxe interior

​The Secretary of the Interior’s private office bathroom renovation cost $220,000 including a $3,500 refrigerator and a $700 faucet. READ MORE


Disability is the new welfare

The US population grew just 19.6% but SSDI recipients increased by 49%. Some states hire consultants to get people off state welfare and on to… READ MORE


Zombies on Social Security

A 2013 audit report shows Social Security paid 2,475 beneficiaries for months or even years after they received notifications they were deceased. READ MORE


Give me your lunch money

$1 million from the federal school lunch program was used to plant vegetable gardens at high-poverty schools. ​ READ MORE


Money for nothing

The IRS paid over $110.8 billion in bogus Earned Income Tax Credits. IRS does not verify claims on EITC tax returns. READ MORE


Please love obamacare

Pretty please? The government is spending $9.8 million dollars on a PR campaign to convince you Obamacare is great. ​ READ MORE


Stimulus Funds Trashed

A TV report uncovered a stimulus grant for a recycling plant was never completed, no jobs were created, and the company disappeared. READ MORE


Don’t let Michelle catch you

The USDA gave a grant to a NY potato chip company to get consumers to buy more chips. READ MORE


A Penny Saved

​The cost to produce a penny is actually 2.5 cents. READ MORE


Get in the hole

National Science Foundation researchers found that golfers were more successful when they envisioned a bigger hole on the putting green. The study cost $350,000. READ MORE


Sheep Counting Drones

​The government is using unmanned aerial drones to count sheep, elk and bunnies.  READ MORE



Road kill meets robot…”RoboSquirrel.” Funded by the National Science Foundation the very expensive stuffed, dead squirrel wags his tail to test snake reactions. READ MORE


Pelosi: Nothing Left To Cut

​House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says there is nothing left to cut in the almost $4 trillion-a-year federal budget. Has she seen this website? READ MORE


Taxpayer Beer Run

​A successful multi-million dollar brewery got federal funds to build three new brew tanks and open a restaurant.  READ MORE


No more dog breath

Tax dollars paid for machinery to make dog toothpaste and dog shampoo awarded by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. READ MORE


Operation Catfish Identification

​The USDA spends $14 million a year to inspect catfish. The money is wasted because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) already inspects catfish for… READ MORE


Picture the waste

​Your tax dollars pay for original oil paintings of Washington bureaucrats — cabinet members, congressional leaders, heads of agencies and military leaders — at a… READ MORE


The $6 Million Parking Lot

​The National Institute of Health spent $6 million to lease parking spaces for their employees – over $1,000 per spot! READ MORE


EPA Studies Chinese Pig Manure

​Here’s the poop — the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) gave a grant to the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences to study local swine manure. READ MORE


Go Bananas for Monkey Retirement

Taxpayers ought to go bananas over the $30 million tab for “Chimp Haven” a 200 acre retirement home for aging monkeys. READ MORE


World of Walden Pond

This sounds like fun…not. A video game based on the writings of 1854 naturalist Henry David Thoreau is being funded with your tax dollars at… READ MORE


Good Penmanship Pays

​Despite sequestration the White House employs three full-time calligraphers who are paid an average of $90,000 a year to have good handwriting. READ MORE


Up In Smoke

Your tax dollars funded a study on the hookah smoking habits of 1800 college students in the country of Jordan. READ MORE


Bronze sculptures beat rusty bridges in Iowa.

​There are 78 structurally deficient bridges in Iowa, yet the state is spending thousands of dollars of federal transportation funds to pave the way for… READ MORE


$1.1 million “sidewalk to nowhere”

​Some locals call it the “sidewalk to nowhere” – a $1.1M sidewalk intended to help kids walk to school, except it’s not near any neighborhoods… READ MORE


Ohio bridges falling down, but funds fix bridge to nowhere

​More than ten percent of the bridges in Dayton, Ohio, are deficient as 13 cars drive over one of Dayton’s 184 deficient bridges every second. … READ MORE


$38 million makes tourists happy and citizens mad

​The Alaska Railroad will receive $38.8 million this year and $33 million next year through a federal mass transit program, even after the Senate tried… READ MORE


Radio ads and fun parties encourage food stamp sign ups

​The food stamp program wasted millions of dollars on promotional campaigns encouraging local SNAP offices to throw parties and producing radio soap operas and advertisements… … READ MORE


Public health funds squandered on road signs

​Pitt County, North Carolina, a recipient of a Communities Putting Prevention to Work (CPPW) grant funded by health care law, used these federal taxpayer funds to place signage to… READ MORE