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What a Waste

Below is a selection of our most recent reports on Wasteful Spending. Click here to view them all.


Naptime at NASA

One of the more absurd examples of government overspending comes to us from the folks at NASA. One recent project has garnered enough approval to… READ MORE


Let me Google that for you

Let me google that for you! The Department of Commerce’s National Technical Information Service (NTIS), is a government agency which compiles and stores government reports… READ MORE


Beachfront Boondoogle

Beachfront Boondoggle Have you ever wanted a beachfront home but couldn’t afford it? Finally, the Federal Government has created the perfect program to solve your… READ MORE


Kiss your money goodbye

​$914,000 of your tax dollars are going to the serious study of romance novels. READ MORE


Uncle Sam Vodka?

​A vodka company in New York expanded their liquor making capacity with a Rural Business Enterprise grant from the United States Department of Agriculture. Cheers… READ MORE


Hey IRS…you’re fired!

​The IRS spent $10,000 on a training video that spoofs Donald Trump and The Apprentice. Previous expensive training videos included Star Trek and Gilligan’s Island… READ MORE


Oh SNAP! $38M Food Stamp Mistake

​Minnesota gave out $38 million in misdirected food stamp payments last year…and got a $1.2 million government bonus for it. READ MORE


$21.6 million to maintain trashed Katrina houses

​As recently as October 2012, a federally funded program to help facilitate the sale of nearly 9,000 homes abandoned after Hurricane Katrina was still holding… READ MORE


Graveyard tours and spooky music—so wasteful it’s scary!

A museum in Ohio is receiving federal funds to study Edgar Allen Poe with graveyard tours and spooky concerts. READ MORE


Millions for ferry boat with no passengers

​Over $9 million in federal money was earmarked to a failing for-profit ferry verging on bankruptcy, which very few people benefitted from and a small… READ MORE

Let’s Get Real about government spending.

Don’t Panic!

Every day people in Washington spread stories designed to create fear, anxiety and panic. Their outrageous tales are designed to drive home the false message that “spending cuts are bad” and create a sense of panic. We’re not in this mess because Washington taxed too little — we’re in this mess because Washington spent too much.

IT’S TIME for a

Cutting spending isn’t about gutting essential government services. No one wants that to happen. It’s about making our government more efficient, effective and less wasteful. Unfortunately, the government continues to drive us deeper into debt by squandering tax dollars on outrageous waste and bloated budgets.


Will we be the first generation of Americans to leave our children WORSE off? Out of control government spending, waste, debt and higher taxes are destroying the American economy. You see it in your bank account and in the unemployment numbers. The simple answer is that Americans can’t afford to let Washington take any more of our money. Just like us, Washington needs to prioritize spending and live within a budget. Tell Washington get real about spending.

Bankrupting America

The U.S. borrowed
31 cents of
every dollar

we spent in 2012.

$359.8 BILLION

in interest alone on the
national debt in 2012.

Without spending cuts,
the national debt will be
by the end of 2018.

Since President Obama
took office, the national debt
has jumped from $10.6
to $17 trillion.